Welcome to Ketina Park Gardens and Landscapes! Winner Best New Business 2010, Team Customer Service 2011.

Our aim is to make your garden sizzle, sparkle and shine!


We want your garden to be beautiful.


We want your garden to increase the value of your home.


We want you to be delighted everyday when you look outside your door.


We want you to feel proud when you have a chance to display your garden.


We want you to feel good about your environmental credentials.


We want your garden to be a place of rest, creativity, peacefulness and functionality.


In short, we want to hear your soft sigh: "Ahhh.... I'm home, and its beautiful"!


Ketina Park Gardens and Landscapes offer a complete garden experience.


We design, construct, renovate and maintain gardens throughout Northern NSW and Southern QLD. From tiny backyards to large country estates we offer professional advice and services. Our qualified Horticulturalists are down-to-earth, friendly and flexible.


Now, how can we help you?